DM Style

My DM’ing Style

Just tell me what you want

Tell me what you want to do I’ll make it happen next time. What I find fun and interesting you may not; so instead of a trial an error, just let me know hey I didn’t like that.

You wan to be pirates, we’ll make it happen. You want more RP, great. You’ve have had too much RP because I over corrected, sorry, here’s a dungeon crawl.

If you say it, it’s canon

Apparently a controversial take on things, but I like it. It keeps you on your toes and paying attention and allows a fluid, albeit some times random, progression of things and fleshing out the world and characters.

What to I mean by this?

I use the “Yes, and” approach. The players build the world as much as I do. I give the players a great amount of power and control in respect to the world-building.

Unless you use some kind of signal to indicate you’re telling a joke /making a funny etc. What you say your character does, your character does.

If you boast in the tavern that you are a wanted man, Never-mind the fact you were simply trying to intimidate the guy up in your grill, if you used an intimidate roll instead of a bluff check, guess what you are now an outlaw.

Say you missed a line of dialog because you were talking to another player, or checking your phone. You hear me reference a monster, and you snap back to the game and exclaim “I charge and attack!” Well, considering a NPC was just describing the monster in the woods he wants you to go kill and there isn’t any non-party creature present, you just attacked the NPC.

In general almost anything you say or do is real in-game. I like to incorporate the BS spouted at the table.

I understand this can be frustrating, but with great power comes great responsibility.

You can do whatever you want with your character.

Considering the previous section that whatever you say is cannon, it is important to note this power does not extend to combat and dice rolls.

You can say you do anything, but you need the dice rolls to back it up.

You want something home-brewed, consider it done. You want to have some crazy unique ability, fine. You want to have some odd magical item, ok. But I will make you earn them in some way.

You want to do some epic combat strike; wall running them plunging your daggers in the enemy. I’ll make you do 5 rolls but if successful it’ll be amazing.

You don’t get to say “I deal 100 damage and it dies”

But you do get you say “I take my pointed stick and shove it through its eye”; if you roll well, you might have just one-shot the monster.

BBEG Fights

When it comes to fighting the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) I will be a stickler for the rules. You don’t get to just kill him before the monologue and the mortal danger without being very very lucky. I typically spend a lot of time on the boss fights and it is very sad to watch them just….die.

Character Options

No (openly) Evil Players. Too hard to write stuff for.

No Chaotic Neutral. Too often it is used as evil-lite. If you want to be CN thats ok, but you have to do it right:

Party Conflict

You guys can disagree, that’s fine. But you do not get to:

  • Strike/Attack/Cast Spells at one another
  • Steal from another PC’s inventory (you can try to pick-up loot without anyone noticing)
  • Go on separate adventures at the table (i’ll do roll20 if you want a personal side quest)

DM Style

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