Fumble Table


A Fumble is considered a danger anytime that a Player rolls a natural “1.” Whenever a danger results, the player must make an attack roll against their target. If successful, they have simply missed. However, a failed roll indicates that the character or monster has a disastrous turn of luck: a fumble. The character in question rolls a d% and consults the following table. And, remember… duplicate results stack.

Fumble effects table- All weapons

01-19 Slip; roll Reflex DC 15, or slip and be dazed for 1d4 rounds.
20-33 Stumble; Roll Reflex check DC 20, or stumble and be dazed for 1d6 rounds.
34-39 Trip; Shaken for 1d6 rounds.
40-44 Off Balance; roll Dexterity Check DC 18, or no action next round, and Flat-footed
45-49 Lose grip on weapon; roll Reflex Save DC 20, or no attack next round and flat-footed
50-54 Lose grip on weapon; roll Dexterity DC 20, or drop weapon, Provokes an attack of opportunity*
55-59 Lose grip on weapon; drop weapon, shaken for 1d4 rounds, provoke an attack of opportunity*
60-61 Dumbfounded by own ineptness. Will Save DC 20 or Slowed for 1d4 rounds.
62-63 Tangled with opponent; neither character attacks next round. If size difference, treat as 55-59+Flatfooted
64-65 Random Fluid gets in eyes if no helmet. Blinded 1d4 rounds or until cleared. Helmet as 62-63+Prov. AoO*
66-69 Weapon knocked away; consult grenade landing chart 2d20 in feet for distance+ Dazed 1 round.
70-74 Weapon breaks (base 100% -10% for superior weapon, -20% Masterwork, -20% for each “plus”or ability)
75-77 Hit Self; ½ damage + shaken 1d3 rounds
78-79 Hit self; normal damage + dazed 1d3 rounds
80 Hit self; auto-critical + stunned 1d3 rounds
81-83 Hit ally; ½ damage + provokes an AoO*
84-85 Hit ally; normal damage + provokes an AoO*
86 Hit ally; auto-critical + provokes an AoO*
87-88 Critical hit self+Slowed 1d2 rounds, Provokes an AoO*
89-90 Critical hit ally+ Stunned 1d2 rounds
91-92 Twist ankle; slowed for 10 rounds, Dex check DC 20 or fall Prone.
93-95 Trip and Fall; Prone, slowed for 1d3 minutes
96-97 Spectacular display provokes an AoO*, renders you prone, and slowed for 1d6 rounds
98 Knock yourself cold in a daring feat of incompetance. Helpless for 1d6 rounds.
99 Roll twice more.
00 Roll thrice more.

Status summary for table 6:1 (D&D 3.5)

Dazed: Unable to act normally. A dazed character can take no actions, but can defend himself normally.

Shaken: Mildly fearful. A shaken character suffers a neg 2 morale penalty on attack rolls, checks, and saving throws.

Flat-footed: Especially vulnerable to attacks (at the beginning of battle). Characters are flatfooted until their first turn in the initiative cycle. Flat-footed creatures cannot use their Dexterity bonuses to AC or make attacks of opportunity. For the purposes of a fumble. The character “must reenter” combat, hence the status change.

Slowed: As per the spell. 1 partial action (e.g., attack or move) only, for the duration of the affect.

Blinded: Unable to see. A blinded character suffers a 50% miss chance in combat (all opponents are considered to have full concealment), loses and Dexterity bonuses to AC, moves at half speed, suffers a -4 penalty to search checks and on most Strength and Dexterity-based skill checks. Any skill check that relies on vision (such as Spot) automatically fails. Opponents of a blinded character gain a +2 bonus to their attack rolls, since they are effectively invisible.

Stunned: A stunned creature can’t take actions and loses any positive Dexterity modifier to AC. Each attacker gains a +2 circumstance bonus to attack rolls against that creature. In addition, stunned characters immediately drop anything they are holding. Stunned characters are subject to Precise Strike, Assassin’s special attack, and Rogues’ Sneak attack ability. Stunned characters are NOT subject to coup de gras.

Helpless: Paralyzed, bound, held, sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise completely at an opponent’s mercy. An attacker may use the special action Coup De Gras on a helpless character.

Grenade table: Located on page 138 in the Player’s Handbook

Fumble Table

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